DataLog is an analogue port data recorder and requires an Acorn compatible analogue port to be fitted, although for demonstation purposes dummy data is generated if not. It is really intended for long-term recording (max speed around 1 sample /second) so the x-axis scale shows date and time. In operation samples are taken at preset intervals and saved to a disk file for examination later using the companion program DataView. Each sample is date and time stamped.

As the program is for Acorn computers it was written with speed and efficiency in mind so it uses it's own file format to save on memory and file size. However, the DataView program can save all, or a selected part of, the data to a comma-seperated text file. So if you must transfer it to an Excel spreadsheet on a PC you can. It can also output Draw Files.

See the program !Help for more details.

Download 47K.