MiniDisc Titles

* * * Latest version April 2000 * * *

Designed for use with SONY MiniDisc recorders such as the MDS-JE510. The program allows titles to be entered at the keyboard and sent via an infra-red link to the recorder. Existing titles can be edited, or text files can be loaded and sent. It is necessary to build a simple infra-red sender which is connected to the printer port, or you can buy one from me quite cheaply. There is a full description of how it all works. Download for more information.

Now includes a record timer facility.

Latest version 1.7 now compatible with RiscPC.

Tested on A3000 (with ARM2 and ARM3), A5000 and RiscPC 600,

and with Sony MD JE512 and MD 930.


and also included ...

A version for the good old BBC Micro. Why not have one dedicated to just this one job. Put the software in ROM and it's instantly available and a whole lot cheaper than Sony's own unit. There's no need to connect a monitor - look at the MiniDisc display. The description explains why it was easy to do on the old computer but much harder to do on a more modern one.

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