Applause Meter  ... or 'Clap-o-Meter'           



With this Applause Meter you can measure the relative volume of the applause and look good while doing it.

     "All of us love applause, and so we should - it means that the listener likes us! "

                    Emanuel Ax



    Image shows The Climax Blues Band at the 2007 Lichfield Jazz & Blues Festival but is not meant to imply the program was used there!

Features include:

       *   the demo doesn't have these features

" worked perfectly, so thanks!"  - NH

" Nice little program!"  - JS

" was fanatastic! Thanks!" - MS

"Used the meter at a large corporate event last night in Manchester and everything worked well" - DM

"...worked great." - WL

" Worked brilliantly!!!!!! "  - RJ

"Works great!" - JC

 " It was absolutely brilliant. We displayed it on a large projector screen so the audience

 could see it and they got really involved, cheering for their favourite act. "   - J.

"Thanks for a great meter."  GC

"Thank you again for a great product and awesome support" - JI

The guys says the program worked like a charm!” - EK

”...your audience applause meter worked a treat.....and got audience applause scores respectively of 36, 51, 81, 60 and 61, which provided a good range and differentiation of response – and a clear winner! ”  -  MS

Fantastic for the minimal outlay”  - RW

More real life Examples...

           Although the bargraph is usually on the left in all the examples here it doesn't have to be!

          Details available on request from



Noisy school children monitor. Scale is in dB so needs to be calibrated.

This Applause Meter or 'Clap-o-meter' was originally designed for a dance competition in Germany.

It can operate in full screen and the background can be customised. For this you will need to create a bitmap or jpeg graphic image.  It is quite simple and instructions are included, or I can do this for you from your logos etc if necessary. Up to 10 graphic backgrounds can selected 'live' on control keys.

Only the peak level bars and the numeric readout are plotted by the program, the rest of the graphics are up to you. The bar colours can be changed and blended or not as desired and can be positioned as required.   The highest peak can be held and is reset by mouse-clicking, or automatically after a preset delay.

An option is included to use a rolling average over a preset time for example 0.5 seconds. This is to prevent a short transient noise such as a single loud clap from carrying undue weight

Note: Applause Meter is intended for making relative comparisons in competitions. It does not make absolute calibrated measurements.

There are many user variable settings in the program so the captions and the Help File are provided in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Other languages could be provided on request.

View the Help File for more information, available in these languages:

English          Nederlandse       Française     Deutsch

Italiano          Português            Español

(requires PDF reader)

Download Applause Meter Demo

The free Demo version is time-limited and has nag-screens but will give you a good idea of the program basic capabilities and the requirements of editing the graphics. Screenshot at top of this page. The demo does not include many of the features of the latest version,  see the features list above.

Meter Position X=150

Meter Position Y=554

Meter Width=100

Meter Height=500

Readout Position X=480

Readout Position Y=460

Smaller Screen Sizes

An 800 x 600 screen can be used with some adjustments to the positioning.

Download an 800 x 600 version of the basic graphic background here.

Adjust the active elements as follows:

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‘Scream O’meter’ displayed on a large widescreen monitor. Good for projection too.

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Version history

new in 1.78       Foreign language support for setup labels and help

new in 1.77     Bug fix - When attempting to view the Preset List the window could

                        open up off screen  

new in 1.76     Peaks are held on the bar as well as the numeric display.

                       Colour can be changed

 new in 1.74  Colours now change as soon as the colour dialog is closed


 new in 1.73  Height of the bar may now be adjusted to suit a wider range of screen sizes


New in 1.90     Bar can be horizontal.  Numerals can be switched off

New in 2.00  Download package includes Applause Meter and Scream O’meter designs in four different sizes, plus the cartoon design in one size, for immediate use or further customisation. Select using Ctrl + 1 to 9.

The download package includes Applause Meter and Scream O’meter designs in four different sizes, plus the cartoon design in one size, for immediate use or further customisation. Select using Ctrl + 1 to 9.

The program also comes with a basic graphic which is blank except for a scale included for guidance in making your own. Any assistance required to make the graphic background will be provided free of charge, usually same day if I am available.

The full version of Applause Meter costs around $24  or  £15 or  Euro 18 depending on the current exchange rate.  

Clicking this link takes you to the Avangate secure payment service for immediate purchase. You will be emailed a download link and an activation code.

Enter the code on the setup screen in the box that shows ?????? (right-click to enter the setup screen)

Alternatively -

If you prefer you can email me and pay by PayPal but there may be a delay.


         Donate using PayPal   

I will then send you an email link to download the full working version.  Alternatively, a bank transfer can be accepted. Details on request.

For problems with the program or assistance such as making custom graphics email me at


Applause Meter is designed for a screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or larger, and Windows XP, Vista or 7.   An external microphone is recommended.

The included sample graphics are 800x600,  1024x768, 1280x720 and 1920x1080 though any size can be used. It works best when the graphic size matches the screen size, graphics are not scaled.